Frequently Asked Questions

We are always there to answer your questions, but here are some of the most frequently asked questions throughout each section.

Where do we meet?

Most meetings take place at the Scout Hut on Silver Hill but if there are any changes to the meeting point, you will be notified via email or other means of communication.

How much does it cost?

The cost is per term and paid via OSM by direct debit.

Beavers £53
Cubs £53
Scouts £53

Subscriptions do not include other events or trips such as camping weekends.

Cost should not be a barrier to anyone taking part in Scouting and if this is an issue, please contact us via in confidence.

What do the subscriptions cover?

Our costs are divided into three main areas; Administration, Insurance and Section costs.

– Administration is all the costs involved with the Scout Association and the running of the group, such as membership fees, hall costs, equipment maintenance, Leader training, website hosting and maintenance, etc.

– Insurance is needed wherever we go within scouting, this covers leaders, young people and helpers.

– Section costs are to run the activities per session each term. It covers items such as craft materials, food, badges etc. Each section will spend different amounts depending on the activities planned.

How do I pay?

We use a system called Online Scout Manager (OSM) that lets us manage all of our administration including payments online and allows parents to see/update details for their children.

The system also allows parents to see events, the schedule for the term and badges their children have been awarded.

When you join the group, you will receive an email to register to the parent portal.

Can I pay for more than one child?

Yes – OSM allows you to manage/pay for multiple children.

I want to donate, what do I need to do?

Please email our Treasurer at or use the contact us form.

Where can I buy the uniform?

Beaver, Cubs & Scout uniforms can be purchased via the below stores:

Where do the badges go?

Beaver badge placement:
Cubs badge placement:

Scouts badge placement:

My child has lost their badge/uniform/necker, how do I retrieve it?

In the first instance, please contact your section Leader as they may have picked it up at the end of the meeting.

In terms of replacement charges:

Cost of £1 for each badge that needs to be replaced
Cost of £6 for a replacement necker
Cost of £1 for a replacement Woggle

Is there an open day we can come and visit?

Our group operates on different nights during the week. Please email the Section Leader or GSL if you are unsure.

Your child is more than welcome to come down on an agreed night to have a ‘taster’ session depending on capacity.

Is there a waiting list?

The group operates a waiting list which your child can join by clicking the Join button and completing the relevant fields.

How long am I going to be on the waiting list?

This will depend on several factors including current capacity and the number of young people already on the waiting list.

One exception we will make for young people on the waiting list is if one of their parents agrees to join the group either as a Leader, the Executive Committee or the Fireworks Committee.

Please contact us via or use the contact us form.

My child is too young, can they be put on the waiting list?

Of course, please add your child’s details by clicking the Join button and completing the relevant fields.

We will contact you once they are old enough and we have spaces available.

Is there another group without a waiting list?

There may be other Scout groups without a waiting list but you will need to contact them individually.

I would like to join and support the group, how can I do this?

Please contact us via or use the contact us form.

How do I leave feedback or a testimonial?

Please contact us via or use the contact us form.

I have not been able to find the answer to my question.

Please contact us via or use the contact us form.

Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls