Expense Policy for 1st Chalfont St Giles Scout Group


It is expected that no member of the trustee’s committee, leaders, or helpers should incur personal expenses while contributing to group activities. Key areas for consideration include:

1. General expenses for consumable items

2. Equipment and services

3. Regular group expenses

4. Camps and organised trips or events

5. Reimbursement of travel expenses

General expenses

Every section leader is granted the authority to purchase small-value items for the weekly activities they plan to conduct during a term. The Trustees Committee has approved a spending limit of up to £250 per term for each section without the need for additional approval. The Section Leader is responsible for managing this budget and is required to submit an expense claim with VAT receipts to the Group Treasurer. It’s important to note that this fund should not be utilised for purchasing equipment or funding trips and camps, as addressed in the ‘Camps and Organised Trips’ section below.

On occasion, other committee members may need to spend small amounts, such as on postage. As long as the total expense is below £10, no prior approval is necessary from the Trustees Committee.

For the regular ordering of badges for section members, specific approval from the Trustees Committee is not required. However, this process should be coordinated through the Group Scout Leader.

Equipment, Services and Capital Expenditure 

Approval for significant expenditures, such as those related to equipment, clothing, or services, must be sought from the Group Scout Leader (GSL) initially. The GSL has the authority to approve equipment purchases of up to £1,000. Any purchases exceeding this amount will necessitate approval from the Trustees Committee before expenditure. In regular situations, consensus should be reached during a Trustee Committee meeting and documented in the minutes. In exceptional cases, approval can be secured via email with the agreement of the Chair, Treasurer, and Group Scout Leader.

For Capital Works associated with the maintenance of the scout hall, authorisation up to £1,000 in cost can be granted by either the GSL or the Group Chair. However, for works exceeding this value, full committee approval is mandatory.

Regular Group Expenses 

The Treasurer has the authority to process payment for the following items without seeking approval at an Executive Committee meeting:

  • Venue Maintenance costs
  • Venue Utilities costs
  • Annual Insurance Renewals
  • Annual poppy wreath purchase
  • Payment of any account invoices
  • Capitation fees
  • Any other regular group expenditure

Camps and Organised Trips / Events

Any planned event, including camps, parties, educational speakers, and trips, should be overseen by a designated organiser, typically the Group Scout Leader (GSL). The GSL is responsible for documenting the estimated income and expenditure for the event, including any cash floats required, which should be recorded in the treasurer’s report. All expenses related to the event should be claimed through the usual process. Invoices for items requiring direct payment should be addressed to the Group and forwarded to the Treasurer for processing. For significant camps, trips, and events surpassing the GSL’s £1,000 budgetary authority, approval from the Chair should be obtained before making any payments.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

Prior approval from the Executive Committee is necessary for any travel expenses. Individuals, including Leaders, Committee Members, or helpers, may seek reimbursement for costs incurred during travel to and from specifically organised camps or training courses. The journey must be an essential part of the event’s organisation, such as supplying equipment or serving as an adult helper. The policy covers fuel costs for private vehicles or, in the case of public transport, tickets. No advance payments will be issued, and all applicable receipts must be submitted. When using a personal vehicle, individuals must ensure it is roadworthy, legal, and adequately insured. The current fuel reimbursement rate is 30p per mile. No expenses will be compensated for the first 10 miles of either leg of a journey unless the circumstances are deemed exceptional by the Group Treasurer or Chair.

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